Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Learn To Draw Faces (part 2 of 2)
The top part of your egg would become the top portion of your subject’s hairline. The lowest portion of that area would also become your subject’s eyebrows. Next, the middle portion would be the part of the face starting from the eyebrows down to the most bottom part of the nose. Lastly, the third area is allotted for the nose bottom, lips and edge of the chin.

Notes On Measurement

There are also some basic guidelines for measurement and facial feature proportions. For instance, 2 of the said egg segments turned sideways would give you the sideway measurement starting from one cheek to another. You should also take into consideration the measurement of the eyes. Make sure that the size of one eye would be equal to the space in between both eyes. You should also check and see if your drawing’s nose wings are lined up with each eye’s corner.

Now, focus on the bottom segment of your egg. If you divide this into half, by the use of a horizontal line, you would get the line that serves to be the bottom of your subject’s bottom lip. If you have drawn the lips already, take a look at its corners. Make sure they are aligned with each eye’s pupil.

As for the ears, they should also be visible even if it’s a front view image you are drawing. This is because they aren’t simply sitting flat on your head’s side. As a guide, you can simply look for the midline of the middle segment of your egg.

However, be careful that you do not overdo the size of the ears. They should only stick out approximately as far as the egg’s main center line up to the nose wing.

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