Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How To Improve your Golf Swing (part 2 of 2)

Managing the Tangibles

Goal setting is a key component of any training exercise, so what is the goal of this activity? It should not be as nebulous as: ‘you will improve your game’ or ‘you will have better form’. Measurable goals are important, such as average distance traveled by the golf ball, increased accuracy of shot trajectory, or increased golf ball speed.

Some of the problems you encounter may be related to your golf equipment. It pays to make sure that you are using the correct club length for your height, good fitting shoes, and appropriate clothing. You must also practice in a setting which hampers your movements. If you are in an area that is too crowded, this may prevent you from fully realizing your swing.

Keep Your Mental Game Pure

Finally, find instructors and training tips that fit your personality. Golf like any other game involves a lot of psychology, so your mental game must be improved as well. Try to figure out what kind of personality you are and what mental traits you need to develop in order to acquire a better golf swing. This is often the major stumbling block for athletes, be they professional or amateur, so do not feel weird about it.

In the end you will not only get a better game, you may even get a better you.

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